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Find your joy of life now with our coaching, workshops & tips

Enjoy life to the fullest and feel inspired and motivated to start the day. The joy of life can show ups and downs in the course of life. It rises through beautiful moments and memories, but can fall just as quickly through stress or conflict. But what falls can also rise: Find your joy of life again with workshops, retreats, group sessions and more with calmbase. We look forward to seeing you!

What is the joy of life?

Our joy of life is a feeling, so to speak. You feel vital, stress resistant, motivated, inspired when you get up in the morning, feel positive and trust life fully. All this and more can indicate that you have a zest for life. Contentment, basic trust and simply being happy are the hallmarks of feeling joy. How many points could you just sign?

Is it possible to increase joy of life?

“I have lost my joy of life.” – Have you ever heard this from someone in your closest circle? In fact, this is the case for many people. The good thing is that losing your zest for life doesn’t have to be a final feeling. Joy of life is a very volatile and above all individual feeling. It can fall or almost disappear due to conflicts, stress, quarrels, negative experiences, strokes of fate and more. However, it can also be rediscovered and increased. Furthermore, increasing the joy of life, as well as decreasing it, has a lot to do with how much we are in the moment and how we perceive the world.

Why should you book a course at Calmbase to increase your joy of life?

Loosing your joy of life is not a permanent feeling. However, it can be difficult for some people to regain it. By constantly focusing on the negative aspects of life, more negativity is usually attracted: We are in an endless spiral. And this is exactly where calmbase and its partners come in. We give you support with a neutral view on your life and you can work on yourself and your joy of life. In our workshops, individual and group sessions you will learn simple and quickly applicable tips for more joy in life and come up with completely new ideas. In group sessions you can also exchange ideas with other people and get new inspiration. Feel free to browse through our courses and workshops.

Quick tips for more zest for life

In addition to one of our courses or workshops, we would like to give you additional tips and tricks for everyday life for more joy.

Live in the moment: Be careful not to dwell too much on old memories or worry about the future. Get into a balance of body and mind – and where can you do this better than in the here and now.

Practice gratitude: Gratitude and mindfulness is the key to a life of joy. The more grateful you are for the little things in your life, the more you appreciate them. Enjoy keeping a gratitude journal and learn how to think of more things to be grateful for each day. Switch your focus from the negative side to the good moments of life and you will see that good things will follow.

Create a “glass of memories”: Create a glass of beautiful memories that you can look at whenever you are not feeling well or need inspiration. You can put airline tickets or pictures in there, shells and more.

Realise that happiness is only a snapshot: Happiness is not a state that once achieved stays forever. For happiness and joy you have to keep working and focusing your mind on it. But always remember: everything in life comes and goes. The good moments come and go, but so do the bad moments. Trust in the big picture.

Give love and kindness as you would like to receive it: Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Send out exactly what you want to receive. Send love, kindness and trust and treat other people the way you want to be treated. Someone always has to make the first move!

Sport, nature & good nutrition: Joy of life consists on one hand of a healthy mind and on the other hand of a healthy body. Body and mind are constantly connected, so a sporty, healthy lifestyle is also indispensable. Exercise regularly, eat healthily and get out into nature as much as possible.

Surround yourself with people who want success for you: Surround yourself with people who like you for who you are and want only success and happiness for you. Envy and jealousy have no place in a life that is full of life.

Create awareness: Get to know yourself better. Everyone has bad days in addition to good days and that is not bad at all. Accept these days as well, don’t push them away, because they too will pass. Read our blog on the topic of “Strengthening self-confidence”.

Be yourself: Don’t pretend and be authentic, because that’s the only way you can live your life with joy. Having to pretend all the time leads to reduced joy and anyone who doesn’t like you when you are yourself shouldn’t stay in your life. Because you are just as good as you are!


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