Inner peace (engl.)

Finding inner peace: Tips, workshops & coaching for more harmony

Often we only notice it when we lose ourselves in constant ruminations and worries, can’t let go of the past and simply can’t find peace. Then we notice that something is missing. And that is the feeling of peace, or more precisely, inner peace.

Inner peace – what does it mean?

Inner peace is the feeling of being satisfied with the current situation in life, the feeling of being calm and serene in that moment. Those who have found their inner peace are balanced, go through life with more ease, do not get upset about trivialities and feel a high degree of serenity. Peaceful people can relax more easily after work, can consciously enjoy the here and now and basically experience more happiness. They are also able to shape their lives more consciously.
People who have achieved the feeling of inner peace thus experience:

  • more happiness
  • more mindful moments
  • less brooding & worries
  • peace with the past
  • less agitation
  • inner peace
  • inner balance
  • more empathy & joy for fellow human beings
  • less stress in everyday life and at work

How does inner peace develop?

Inner peace basically arises when we are at peace with ourselves and satisfied with our current life situation.
It is important to know that this is not a passive state. It arises when we consciously decide that negative events can no longer influence us.

It is therefore also a conscious attitude to life and a sign of mental strength that you should decide to adopt on a daily basis.
Basically, your inner peace improves when you experience more positivity than negativity.

So what can you do? We’ll tell you with the next 3 tips for more happiness and inner peace. Because the best thing is: anyone can learn to feel and experience inner peace at any time.

Find inner peace: 4 instant tips

Don’t compare yourself: Constantly comparing yourself with other people leads to criticism and negative thoughts and feelings. Instead, try to focus on your life and your path. Say to yourself every day, “I am good the way I am and where I am right now is the right place for me.” 2.

Enjoy every moment and practice mindfulness: When you are mindful, you are aware of everything you are experiencing right now. This also means accepting your feelings, thoughts, strengths and weaknesses as they arise.

Forgive yourself and others: To experience happiness and peace, you should let go of the past and leave it behind. Try to forgive yourself for past mistakes as well as other people. In this way you can let go of a large ballast inside you, as you no longer associate negative feelings with it.


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