Community Breathwork Session in Berlin Treptow

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7-9, Moosdorfstraße, Plänterwald, Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin, 12435, Deutschland
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We invite you to one of our guided breathwork sessions to release what holds you back in life. Good vibes and powerful music included!

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Welcome to our blankbreath tribe Berlin!


Urban Healing Unit (UHU), Moosdorfstraße 7-9, 12435 Berlin. From Treptow S (train station) you walk 700m, enter a courtyard, head to the right and see a glass door which will be open. The room “UHU Nest” is on the 2nd floor to the left.

What to bring?

sleeping mask/blindfold
loose clothing
blanket to lie on
water bottle (& maybe snacks for afterwards)
avoid eating anything heavy 2 hours before

Please don’t attend if you are suffering from the following conditions: serious illness, physical wound, pregnancy, epilepsy, strong medication. By purchasing tickets, you confirm that you are mentally and physically stable and able to participate without endangering your health or the health of others. Participation does not replace any therapeutic or conventional medical treatment and is generally at your own risk. If you have any questions, please send us a text message.


What is blankbreath?

In the end, just a fancy name for our interpretation of conscious connected breathwork, which some of you might know e.g. as holotropic breathing by Stan Grof. You will see that no special (spiritual) knowledge or vocabulary is needed to have a deep (breathing) experience. We keep it easy! All you need is your breath.

How does it work?

If you have no experience with breathing exercises, you can simply observe your breath. You can breathe through your mouth and/or nose as you like. Especially at the beginning of a session, we‘d recommend breathing deeper and stronger than you usually do in your daily life. Our teachers Vidya and Klaus Ulbricht always said it is like a meditation with rocket fuel :) You work with your connected breath, so you do not hold your breath or influence your breath through any techniques (as it’s the case within Wim Hof Method or Pranayama yoga).

The more you surrender to your breath, the deeper the experience becomes and the more comprehensively you detach yourself from hidden patterns that prevent you from reaching your full potential. You‘ll release tensions and blockages breath by breath and maybe experience more flow in your life and feeling balanced afterwards. The session is well supported by theme-specific music sets, which we create especially for you. It's not so much about what happens during the session, but rather about how it affects you when you get up and go back to your everyday life. Sometimes the experience is more physical, sometimes more emotional. That's ok! We will be there for you. So let the magic happen!

Remember: You slowly exhale the past and deeply inhale the present so that you have enough air for the future. 😉

Rosa & Achim ❤️

This is a 2G+ event (vaccinated or recovered AND a negative test of that day)


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