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Improve relationships: With our wide range of coaching, courses, exercises and these 4 simple tips

Being able to give and receive love without having to pretend is the best feeling in the world for most people. Trusting each other and sharing the most intimate feelings – strong relationships make us happy and have a positive effect on our psyche. When our partner understands us, we feel connected.

We also grow beyond ourselves in relationships. We suddenly get to know new sides of ourselves, make compromises and thus reach a new level of empathy and serenity. But in our often stressful everyday lives, we hardly ever take the time to feel real connection. Instead, we grow apart and take our partners for granted. But how can we improve our relationship and restore the feeling of connection? With the next 4 tips and the relationship coaching and workshops of our providers and coaches, we will show you how to have happy relationships.

Why relationships don’t work

Although we want nothing more than closeness, security and intimacy, many relationships are unhealthy and toxic.
What is the reason for this? If a person suddenly appears in our lives who gives us even the slightest of these feelings, we are head over heels in love and will do anything to keep that person in our lives and quench the thirst for love, attention and appreciation.

Most people enter into relationships to be loved by someone. Whether this partner and his or her character traits correspond to our own values is completely left out of the equation. In the process, we talk ourselves into believing in their qualities, accept toxic behaviour and fall in love with the potential. If a relationship is entered into under these circumstances, drama, arguments and disappointments are inevitable.

But then how do we recognise a healthy relationship? In a healthy relationship, both partners get along on their own, they know and live their personal values and are satisfied with themselves. They give each other the freedom to develop individually. They do not need each other to be happy, but they choose each other anew every day.

4+ tips for strong relationships

Strengthen your relationship with yourself

Many people are emotionally dependent on their partners and seek their meaning in life in a happy relationship. If a relationship is created for this reason, it doesn’t take long for the exact opposite to happen. Instead of happiness, we find ourselves in constant arguments and drama.

So before you can have a happy relationship, you must first take care of yourself. Become aware of how you want your life to be. Create your dream life and make friends with being alone and putting yourself first. In this way you will become emotionally independent and learn to meet your own needs.

Always remember that the most important relationship you have is with yourself. Love yourself, accept your whole being, follow your dreams and you will automatically attract happy and positive people into your life.

Take your time

In today’s increasingly hectic world, we hardly take time for each other.

When we do spend time together, our minds are usually not on the task at hand and we pay more attention to our smartphones than to our partners.

Be attentive and mindful, listen to each other and ask questions if you don’t understand something. Make date nights that you look forward to together. Accept each other, exchange intimacy and give each other physical closeness. This way you don’t take your relationship for granted.

Be grateful

Gratitude and appreciation play a big role in healthy relationships. Try to show your partner your love with simple, small appreciations. Wake up together, cook together or bring breakfast in bed – small acts of appreciation work wonders to improve and strengthen your relationship.

Open your heart

Often we only want to show the best of ourselves to our fellow human beings and partners in order to receive appreciation. However, when you show your authentic self to your counterpart and make yourself vulnerable, you allow them insights into your inner self. This creates intimacy, trust and strengthens your relationship in the long run.


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