Gratitude (engl.)

Learn to be grateful: Live happily with these 5 gratitude tips & exercises

How grateful are you for your life, yourself and your surroundings? Nowadays, we take a lot for granted. If something negative happens, we often lose ourselves in anger and frustration. But that doesn’t have to be, because gratitude is like a muscle that you can train. Calmbase offers you many great workshops, coachings and online courses on the topic of gratitude, with which you can easily learn gratitude. Because being grateful is worthwhile and has many benefits for your well-being and health.

What does gratitude mean?

Gratitude is much more than thanking someone for a gift or an action. It is an inner attitude and a feeling of deepest appreciation for your current situation in life.

This state has nothing to do with material possessions but is rather the appreciation for immaterial things that increase our well-being. This can be the warm embrace of a good friend, a walk in nature or your health.

Why is gratitude important?

Feeling gratitude can be learned. It is important and closely related to your well-being. The more grateful you are for your life, your health, etc., the more positive and relaxed you will be about many perceived problems.

Researchers have found that people feel better after writing gratitude letters, for example. This could be proven by means of a brain scan. So if we focus our attention on the positive things in life, neural connections in the brain are strengthened. Thus, our brain is trained and can call up gratitude more quickly in everyday situations. Instead of going through life frustrated, you feel more fulfilled and happier. Gratitude becomes your new attitude towards life.

The conscious practice of gratitude leads to:

  • more joy
  • more positive thoughts
  • happiness
  • improved relationships
  • less stress
  • more appreciation for life
  • more contentment
  • more self-confidence
  • serenity & calmness
  • stronger resilience
  • improved self-esteem
  • optimism
  • better sleep
  • more empathy

Learning gratitude: tips and exercises for everyday life

The more mindful you are, the more attention you can pay to the positive things in life. The following 5 gratitude exercises will help you improve your well-being and see life more positively! Are you ready?

Gratitude journal

Write a gratitude journal. Take a few minutes each morning or evening to write down what you are grateful for. Close your eyes for a moment and feel into your heart. Focus on the things that trigger positive emotions. Remind yourself that everything is valuable – no matter how big or small.

Here is a list of things to be grateful for:

  • Friends & Family
  • Your health
  • Your morning coffee
  • Your home
  • Your job
  • Your life
  • Safety & security

Gratitude: Quotes, Sayings & Affirmations

Similar to the gratitude diary, affirmations that you can write down and practice every day work to improve your gratitude.

Choose a few phrases from the following that suit you and write them down daily in your gratitude journal.

I am grateful for my life.
Every day is a gift.
I am grateful for the love and joy in my life.
I am grateful for my health.
I am grateful for every person in my life.
I am grateful for the experiences I have had so far.
I see the wonderful in every moment.
I trust in life.
I am grateful for myself and all that I am.
I am happy and fulfilled.
I am full of joy and lightness.
I am grateful for everything that is yet to come.

Showing gratitude: Appreciation for our fellow human beings

We often take our dearest fellow human beings for granted. Think consciously about which people enrich your life. Who stands by you in difficult situations? Who has been with you all your life?

Thank two people who are important to you with a message or a letter of gratitude. Write down in detail why each person is so important to you. You will be surprised at the reaction!

Gratitude for the little things

Practice gratitude for the smallest things you take for granted in everyday life. Maybe it’s the fresh air in the morning, the cup of good coffee or the friendly good morning from your neighbour. Be mindful, go through your day with open eyes and a big heart, and quietly say thank you in your head every time you notice something. At the end of the day, reflect on how this simple but wonderful exercise has changed your mind. Do you notice a difference?

Learning gratitude: self-love

Gratitude has a lot to do with self-love. Be grateful for getting out of bed every day, making the most of each day and making someone laugh. Every evening, reflect on what you have achieved and ask yourself the following questions:

What do I value about myself?
What are my strengths?
How can I love myself a little more every day?

Learning gratitude with coaching, seminars and workshops

If you practise these exercises every day, you will quickly notice that your well-being improves. Some people find it naturally easier to feel and learn gratitude. If you find it a little difficult, gratitude coaching, seminars and workshops from our providers offer you the opportunity to work on your individual goals to become more grateful for your life and learn to appreciate the simple things!


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