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Learning creativity: coaching, workshops & online courses for more creativity

You hear creativity as a competence everywhere these days. No matter if the creative spirit is expressed privately or if the new job considers creativity as a core competence, to be creative is important in many areas of life. In many fields of work, creativity is essential and also for yourself, a certain amount of creativity is indispensable for a healthy mind. Calmbase has selected the most beautiful and creative workshops, coachings, online programmes and courses for you to learn or optimise your creativity. In individual sessions, online or with other creativity seekers you can increase your creativity level. Browse through our courses now and develop yourself as well as your mind for mental and physical balance.

Creativity – What is it?

Creativity is one of those terms that is almost impossible for humans to describe in detail. Roughly speaking, creativity is the generic term for a creative ability and thinking that every human being has within him or her. This includes innovative ideas, the ability to solve problems and to think extraordinarily “around corners”. Being creative is a good quality for many people and is also used as a welcome core competence in the world of work. Part of the basis of creativity may in fact already be innate, while a large part manifests itself during childhood and is learned individually. The innate part of creativity can therefore be larger or smaller.

Learning creativity with calmbase

However, if you are a person who is less creatively inclined or who has not been able to learn a large basis of creativity, this is not a problem. Because creativity can easily be promoted, learned and increased. With workshops, individually tailored coaching and sessions, as well as with group courses on site or online, you can increase your level of creativity. Through a neutral view of your present self and your abilities, exercises are learned that you can also use later, goals are worked out and new experiences contribute to your creativity journey.

Why is creativity important for human beings?

Creativity is not just about creating great art or music, it is also about learning how to change your perspective or reframe it when you are at a standstill. Creativity is a big factor when it comes to problem solving of all kinds. If you are stuck in one or more areas in your life, creativity helps you to change your perspective and creatively develop a solution to your problems.

Creativity for the soul

However, creativity can not only help with problem solving in your life, but certain creative activities can be good for the soul. Whether it’s in the realm of art, music or perhaps blogging, copywriting, writing, making music, singing, painting and more not only boost your creativity, but can be relaxing at the same time and can help balance your body and mind.

Coaching & Workshops: Why is help with creativity useful?

Some people are already extremely creative by nature and have taken a great basis of creativity with them from their childhood. Other people, on the other hand, may be less creative but want to increase their creativity and don’t know how. This is where calmbase comes in with its wide range of coaching, workshops and courses. Our coaches and course instructors are particularly good at helping you with blockages through a neutral point of view and providing exercises that suit you personally. In courses and coaching sessions you also have the opportunity to discuss and place your questions immediately. If you are still not sure whether a coach is right for you, please read our blog post on the topic of “Experience with Coaching”. Browse through our courses and coaching sessions right now and get creative!


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