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Mastering change calmly: With our wide range of coaching and these 3 tips

Whether it’s a break-up, a job loss or our own inner values – changes are part of our lives and a sign that everything is in motion and that we humans are continuously evolving.

Sometimes we want to change consciously, sometimes changes are not foreseen and out of our control. This can cause insecurities and fears. But with our 3 tips you will learn how to master change calmly.  Our coaches and change experts are also on hand to give you advice and support.

Resistance to change – why do we find it so difficult?

Why do we find change so difficult? Often we may know that we need to move away from certain situations, yet we do not do so. Why? Humans are creatures of habit and letting go of old habits also means letting go of control. These habits give us a sense of security and confidence, which we put up with even when we know they are actually making us unhappy. So when we say goodbye to old habits, we are confronted with danger and fear, because who knows what will come next? Out of this fear, many get stuck in unfulfilling situations. But often out of change come new possibilities and opportunities. So dare to get out of your comfort zone and believe that change will have a positive impact on your life.

3 tips to cope with change calmly

Allow all feelings

Change is usually associated with helplessness and uncertainty. It is not uncommon for negative feelings such as fear, sadness and anger to arise first. Consciously allow these emotions to arise. Find a quiet place and feel deeply into your body. Notice all the feelings and sensations in your body and let them take effect on you. What do you notice? If you have to cry, allow it and don’t fight it. Try to allow and accept every change in your life.

See every change as an opportunity

Every change is a new beginning and brings new opportunities for you.
As soon as a surprising change happens to you in your life, accept it joyfully as if you had brought it about yourself. Even a job loss or a separation can bring something positive with it. Look at the situation and name all the new opportunities that now arise for you. Let go of the old and welcome the new and better.

Avoid stress

Change and the often negative feelings that come with it also mean increased stress levels. Try to work against this with specific exercises. Because stress makes you sick in the long run. Whether yoga, regular meditation, breathing exercises or other relaxation exercises – develop a routine that suits your individual needs to avoid and reduce your stress.


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