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Learn to breathe properly with our wide range of coaching, courses and these 3 simple exercises.

In our fast-paced world, our breath is taken for granted. Due to stress, we breathe quickly, shallowly and unconsciously. The result: our body is supplied with less oxygen. We therefore have less energy in everyday life and are less able to cope with life’s challenges. The solution: Breathwork. Because with this effective technique we can consciously control our breathing pattern and improve our outlook to life.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a technique in which we breathe deeply into our belly in order to consciously supply our body with more oxygen. Deep and correct breathing is important. It gives us fresh oxygen, which provides our organs with nutrients so they can function well.

If we also focus on our breathing, we create distance from the often negative spiral of thoughts. You become more mindful and your thoughts of the past and worries and fears of the future slowly fade away. This creates a state of relaxation and you become visibly calmer.

Correct breathing: inner and outer breathing difference

Breathing is vital for us humans because it supplies us with oxygen. However, since our body cannot store this oxygen, we have to breathe in and out constantly. If we take in oxygen from the air, this is called external respiration. It is then transported to all the cells of the body. This is called internal breathing.

But how do you breathe correctly? The best way is to breathe slowly, evenly and deeply into your abdomen. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the feeling of relaxation in our bodies.

Breathing: effects and benefits Breathwork

Because the body receives continuous oxygen during Breathwork, the cells can breathe better and have more energy. You feel more alive, lighter and balanced.

Other benefits of Breathwork are:

  • relief from stress, anxiety and pain
  • more energy in everyday life and at work
  • more happiness and contentment
  • improved lung capacity
  • control of thoughts, emotions
  • more relaxation
  • mental clarity
  • improved concentration
  • improved performance
  • deeper meditations
  • dissolution of mental and emotional blockades
  • increased creativity

Is Breathwork dangerous?

The breathing techniques we present here, as well as those used by our Breathwork experts and coaches, are safe to practice without any danger.

However, some breathing techniques are controversial. Holotropic breathing involves inhaling and exhaling very quickly, which causes the carbon dioxide level in the blood to drop and the vessels to constrict. This leads to an undersupply of oxygen. Such a breathing technique is not advisable for pregnant women! This breathing technique should only be done under the supervision of an experienced expert or therapist.

3 effective breathing techniques and exercises for beginners and everyday life

Box Breathing for more calmness and relaxation

In the Box Breathing Method, you breathe in and out at intervals of 4 seconds.

You can do this exercise while sitting or lying down. It is particularly suitable for yoga and meditation.

Breathe in and count to 4
Hold your breath and count to four
Breathe out and count to four
Hold your breath and count to four
In order not to lose focus, you can imagine a square or a square box along which you breathe.

This exercise is particularly good for states of restlessness and stress. By breathing in and out slowly, your brain becomes calmer and more relaxed.

Coherent Breathing

This breathing technique is designed to consciously lengthen the breathing phases. Deep and slowed breathing helps you to quickly calm down in stressful situations!

Find a quiet place and close your eyes.
Breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds
Then exhale through your nose for 5 seconds.
Repeat the exercise 10 times
Breath of Joy for more energy
Breathe in some air through your nose and swing your arms forward at the same time
Breathe in a little more air and swing your arms parallel to each other at shoulder height.
Inhale a third time until your lungs are full and swing your arms overhead.
Then bend forward with some speed and exhale loudly and quickly through your mouth.

Try to do the exercise at a faster pace, but keep your body relaxed and not tense.
This breathing technique will quickly provide you and your body with more energy and instant vitality in everyday life.


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